Specialist Internet Website Services

We design and host websites for small businesses and voluntary bodies. We offer a full maintenance service or clients can look after their own sites

Websites operation
We operate a number of websites on niche/specialist subjects which offer cost-effective ways for advertisers to reach new clients. We also specialise in operating websites for beach/holiday resorts.

About OakVine
The OakVine Consultancy was set up in 1997 and specialises in helping individuals, small businesses and voluntary bodies get to grips with the Internet. We hand-hold you till you can run on your own! Many of our clients have stayed with us for hosting and occasional extra help.

Let us help you!
Contact us today to see whether we can help you as we have helped many others.

Domains for Sale - we have a small number of domains/domain names which we are prepared to sell - some of these have active or dormant websites, others are pointed at active domains and some are domains which we acquired to develop websites on but for which we have not had the time or resources to do so.
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